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Final Theses

At the end of their studies (Bachelor or Master), students should demonstrate and improve their ability to work on a current, scientific or practice-oriented research topic by writing a final thesis.

Content of the final thesis at our professorship

At our professorship, Bachelor and Master theses are supervised. We accept both empirical and conceptual topics, but please note that the workload for both will be about the same. Even if you want to focus on a topic that is particularly relevant to practice, your thesis must have a solid theoretical foundation and meet the requirements of a scientific paper. Please note accordingly that you cannot submit a purely practical topic, e.g. a business plan, as a thesis.
The main focus of our chair is on behavioural economics, but we also cover general economic topics.


Prerequisite for a thesis at our chair are above-average results in the courses of our chair, whereby we place a special focus on the courses in the field of Behavioral Economics.


Please read the descriptions of the available topics on our website. If you think that one of the topics fits your interests and your course of study, please contact us by e-mail.

If you intend to work on a topic of your choice, please check the research interests of our team members for a potential consultant and apply with your proposal.


To apply for a thesis, please send us the following information by e-mail:

  • Short letter of motivation (please indicate your preferred topic or provide a sketch of your self-chosen topic(s) of interest)
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Your current course credit statement

Incomplete applications will not be considered. We will contact you promptly after receipt of your application.


Bachelor thesis: 3 months
Master thesis: 6 months

Contact person:

Fabienne Cantner is the contact person for Bachelor and Master theses. Please contact Ms. Cantner if you are interested in writing a thesis at our chair under the following e-mail:

Possible Bachelor Theses:

Possible Master Theses:


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